Rob Gronkowski: pro bowl starter, the best tight end in football.

good blocker. catches balls like a receiver. Amazing route runner. big body. match up night mare. the brother we wish we all had

Arron Hernandez: the greatest backup tight end in the league.

Finally! My favorite brand (Nike) are making NFL uniforms! :))

What to know which ring is my favorite? The next one.
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“The Colbert Report” with Stephen Colbert | Mon. Mar. 5, 2012

Sport Report - Pete Weber, Danica Patrick & the New Orleans Saints: Professional bowler Pete Weber wins the U.S. Open, Fox 5’s Ross Shimabuku insults Danica Patrick, and the New Orleans Saints allegedly paid players to injure competitors.

End of a Colts era? Or a fresh start?

Well, it seems like it may be over for Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. Honestly, it’s sad for me to realize this since he’s played for them his entire career up to this point and for him to not end his career with them is going to be tough. But, just like Brett Favre did, I see Peyton coming back to form and performing as he always had. It’s going to be weird seeing him in another jersey but it’s the reality of the game. If any team, I think he should go to the Jets. I highly respect Manning and I really hate the Jets but I also love NFL rivalries. Manning vs. Brady is always a big rivalry and for them to meet twice a regular season will be awesome! This will make the Patriots-Jets rivalry much more intense! I also see Manning fitting in more with the Jets than the Dolphins.

Just because Peyton is leaving doesn’t mean that the Colts are done! It’s safe to say that Andrew Luck will be drafted by them and it will be a second coming of a new era. I see him excelling and learning quickly in the NFL but it should not and will not replace what Peyton Manning has done for Indianapolis. 

Good luck to Peyton Manning wherever he goes! Excited to see him back on the field soon!


-That moment when you realize that it is over -

The best photo EVER!


-That moment when you realize that it is over -

The best photo EVER!

Remember Randy Moss?

So guys…Randy Moss is trying to come back into football. Should he or should he not?

I kind of hope he does because he basically disappeared in the league and ended his career on a disappointed note. I want him to come back for at least one season and give everything he’s got left. That way when he finally does retire, he will be proud of himself at least. 

Let’s say he does come back. Which team would want him or which team would he play for? Tom Brady, of course, said he would welcome Moss back in open arms. I think it would be great for him to come back to the Patriots because he fits right in. It would certainly give the Pats more weapons for defenses to worry about.  Any other team would be good for him too because I was upset to see him leave so soon and hope he does come back strong. 

Tough week for me…

It’s been a tough week in sports for me.

My Patriots lost to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday. However, that was a great game and the greatest Super Bowl game I have ever seen!

My Tarheels lost at home against Duke. It was also a great game that came down to a buzzer beater! I didn’t see a single Duke fan when they were behind 12 points, then all of a sudden, they won and Duke fans are everywhere! We will see Duke again in March when the Tar Heels take a trip to Durham! REVENGE TIME!

One thing I’m gonna hate is all the smack talk I’m going to get all this week. I say, “BRING IT ON!” 

Although my teams didn’t win, true fans will always remember the great moments, put the losses behind them, and move on with their teams! I’m proud of my Patriots and my Tar Heels no matter what! 

Tar Heel Nation! Go to hell, Duke!

One thing great about living in NC is that we are home to one of the greatest, probably most intense, rivalry in any sport: UNC Tar Heels vs. Duke Blue Devils! Very excitied for the game tonight! LET’S GO CAROLINA!